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"Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answers" 

                                                                            Denis Waitley


Covid 19 has affected everybody globally and the world has been working collectively and vigilantly to put an end to this pandemic. 

The International Covid Summit was created for doctors, lawyers and professionals from all over the world to unite and discuss their experiences with Covid-19. They will be able to gather, share, discuss and analyze their findings in order to find a cure for this disease. These medical professionals have been working tirelessly on the front lines treating Covid patients and they have all documented their various experiences. This research will be instrumental in finding effective treatments for Covid-19 patients around the world and it will be pivotal in getting us all back together safely again.

This cross-border initiative will take place on September 12 - September 14, 2021 in Rome, Italy and it will provide a safe space for these professionals to share experiences, research and studies. This crucial exchange of information will allow them to better care for  Covid-19 patients worldwide.

Their efforts will be significant in finding effective treatments  so that we can put this pandemic behind us and return to normal once again.

The world has endured the wrath of Covid-19 together, so let us now work towards the cure and let us start healing and moving forward united.

Our Story

Since the onset of this pandemic, scientists and researchers world-wide have been developing effective treatment to combat Covid-19 and save lives.

Many medical professionals have worked diligently testing and creating therapies for this virus. Some of these treatments proved ineffective while others showed promising results.

The International Covid Summit is an opportunity for doctors from different parts of the world to discuss and debate research in order to determine the most effective treatments for Covid-19 patients at all the stages of the illness.

These physicians will have a chance to discuss their findings with each other and to the public so that the world can begin to have a better understanding of how to best treat the virus so that we can finally move forward.

It is an opportunity to both discuss the pitfalls and applaud the successes  that these accomplished doctors have experienced regarding Covid-19 treatment over the past eighteen months.

It is the collective first step  towards healing the world  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from this past year.

We hope that you will join us.

The medical professionals that make up the team of experts come from  different medical fields. There are family physicians, ER doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists, virologists, critical care physicians, surgeons, cardiologists, pulmonologist,  oncologists, as well as many others.  Many of them became voluntary Covid doctors during the pandemic to help save lives. This hands-on experience with Covid-19 has given them a clear comprehension of the illness  which helped them to understand the efficacy of various treatments.

This is their opportunity  to tell us what they have discovered and it is an important opportunity  for us to understand this pandemic from their perspective.

Led  by their strong integrity and devotion  to their oath,  they are not paid or compensated for their work. This is our opportunity to celebrate and honour them for all of their hard work and for all their efforts to save our lives.

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