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We're sure you all have heard the very sad news about the passing of Dr. Luc Montagnier.

We have never met him personally but were looking forward to the opportunity at the France Summit where he was scheduled to speak. 

Dr. Montagnier was a Virologist who won the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 for his discovery, work and understanding of the HIV virus.

His brilliance was equally matched by his integrity, bravery and dedication to true science.

Dr. Montagnier never missed an opportunity to spread truth, regardless of the backlash, and has inspired many to do the same.

His truths went against the narrative, therefore he was often censored and, unfortunately, many people did not hear what he had to say. But he was one of the first to encourage early treatments, state that mass vaccinations were an "enormous mistake" and claim that vaccines would, in fact, create variants.

Dr.Luc Montagnier from an interview on January 17, 2022 in Milan:

"Doctors today are perfectly informed of what I am saying, and therefore they should intervene immediately because the future of humanity is at stake. Many countries have forgotten about treatments, there is not only the vaccine, there are drugs that have not been used and that work very well, such as antibiotics....

The research continues, and I and my whole team continue to research this virus. The research does not stop, we have not yet reached the point. Man will win if he focuses on the law of nature and only on that. Every citizen is free and must also follow political ideas, take advantage of the upcoming elections to express your opinion.

What would I say to a young person today? You absolutely must act, each of you, and find the truth hidden behind the lies. Long live freedom “.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Dr Luc Montagnier for his courage to fight relentlessly against a power determined to keep him silent. We will honour him by continuing this fight until all of our voices are heard, including his.

Rest Well Dr. Luc Montagnier. 

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Peter McCullough
International Covid Summit

Peter McCullough

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In Sept. 2021, after eighteen months of frantic efforts to flatten the curve and save lives, the brave medical professionals from all over the world united in Rome (ITALY) to tell everyone that "the treatment exists and is saving many lives around the world".


The International Covid Summit was created with passion and the conviction to make a difference by empowering the people all over the world and inspire change through research, data and scientific facts. Along with professionals worldwide, we recognized how deeply affected people were by the conflicting data and lack of information so we worked tirelessly to right this wrong. People from all communities and all age groups were suffering at the hands of this declared pandemic so we sought information that could rectify this confusion.

The overwhelming interest and incredible reception from both the professionals and public enforced our belief that the research had been done and the people were keen on being informed. By using an organic and grassroots approach, we began from the local level and quickly progressed to the National then to the International level while founding and funding the very first INTERNATIONAL COVID SUMMIT in Rome, Italy in September 2021.

Our efforts caught the attention of the Senators in Rome and our professionals were invited by the Senate of the Republic in Rome to share their life saving research at the National Parliament Building of Italy. This historic event has blazed the trail, strengthened confidence and helped launch many important initiatives internationally. 

By uniting respected medical professionals and informing communities we can develop effective solutions to real problems, advocate for change, replace fear with fact and make a real difference in the future of all mankind.

Our unrestrained dedication to the truth relies on the collective actions of every man, woman and child.

You are not alone. There are many of us standing shoulder to shoulder.


Contributions of funds, time, information, referrals, services and goods are all instrumental in the efforts and success of the International Covid Summits.


Kindly contact us at or visit our DONATE page to contribute.


All contributions will go entirely towards supporting the professionals in their goal of bringing the uncensored scientific data to all of us.