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Hello everyone, I wanted to give you a 'boots on the ground' update on Ottawa, Canada I went to Ottawa every weekend since the onset of the Freedom convoy to revel in the magic that has been created over the last month. The energy was a wonderful combination of warmth, love, patriotism and freedom, woven beautifully within our Canadian cultural mosaic. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, about going this last weekend, but I had to go to stand with my kindred spirits and fellow warriors. The power of our unity has connected us all forever. If one falls, we all fall.... As I have said, this is my hill... As we entered Ottawa we drove past the ‘check points’ to verify who we were, where we were staying and why we were going to Ottawa. This was incredibly strange and disheartening. Certainly not my ’true north strong and free’ and a far cry from the cheering fans on every overpass that welcomed the convoy just a few weeks ago. Upon arrival I quickly took to the streets and things obviously looked very different than they had before, with 'police' everywhere and access to Parliament blocked. I am sure many of you have watched, in horror, the scenes of unprovoked violence and undeserved attacks by the 'police’ this past weekend in Ottawa. Jumpy castles, music, food stands, hugs and Canadian flags have been replaced with rubber bullets, tear gas, icy glares, interrogations and batons. I found myself looking around and wondering “What world is this?”, because it certainly did not look like mine. All the promises that our rights would not be infringed upon under this yet-to-be-voted-upon ‘Emergency Act’ were lies. Apparently, it is now illegal to even walk near Parliament. They have fenced off all the streets leading to the Parliament buildings. Every person on earth who supported this powerful movement has been labelled a terrorist and many have had their bank accounts frozen. People are arrested for simply waving a flag or walking down the street. Others are beaten for standing up for their freedom. Our rights, at this moment, do not exist. After I got over the initial shock, I realized that the energy and love - the magic that has unified us over the last month- was still alive and well here. Despite Trudeau's heavy handed approach, Canadians were still standing shoulder to shoulder, in peace and love, with the hum of our anthem sifting through the air, warming the bite of the cold winter wind. I was quickly filled with hope and soon found myself in a powerful group hug with loving friends that I have never met before. Trudeau changed the canvas in Ottawa, so it does not look the same, but it certainly feels the same. The energy is still drenched in that strong human spirit. No matter how they try to crush it, the core of who we are cannot be broken. There were tears and cheers as the trucks slowly pulled out of the parking spots that they called home for the last month and there was a bittersweet combination of pride and sadness. A month ago the goal was to come to Ottawa to discuss a plan to lift all of Trudeau's extreme mandates. Instead of having a discussion, Trudeau chose to attack his own people. Instead of glowing with pride as the leader of such a beautiful country with brave, gentle, kind, and patriotic citizens, he tried to crush the very fabric of who we are. In my opinion, this was a bigger victory than we could have ever expected. Trudeau’s hateful antics have backfired and, not only has he unified Canadians more than ever before, he created the stage for everyone to witness and revel in the true Canadian spirit. His refusal to have a discussion with the convoy prolonged the protest and gave the world a chance to see Canadians shine. It has shown his weakness and highlighted our strengths. He thought that ignoring us would make us insignificant, but he actually made us more significant and relevant than ever. His actions have, not only bound Canadians tightly to each other, but to the whole world. The world was able to see the peaceful, loving, strong, humble, fun, kind and disciplined nature that runs through Canadians. The world witnessed the depth of our patriotism and the strength of our resolve to fight for freedom peacefully. They witnessed the graceful and creative ways in which Canadians dealt with all of the tactics that Trudeau used to dismantle our unity and they witnessed his tyranny. He acted with cruelty, Canadians responded with peace and love: He closed restaurants, we set up free food stands with BBQ’s and pizza ovens. He took the fuel from the truckers, we brought more He made it illegal to bring fuel, we all showed up with Jerry cans He took our donated funds (TWICE), we took the truckers in and gave them food and a place to sleep He froze bank accounts, we funded each other He used divisive language to incite conflict, we pulled closer together He attacked us, we stood united in peace and love He lost, we won This movement created an international platform for the truth to be revealed and for lies to become glaringly clear. It, not only exposed the depth of human spirit, but also the depth of their corruption. Their attempt to extinguish our flame created raging fires throughout the world. This movement inspired many people, world-wide, to stand up and fight against the tyranny that has imprisoned us all for two years. This has sparked conversations about misinformation and encouraged questions about mainstream media, censorship, the WEF and corruption world-wide, even in Parliament. Their attempt to incite fear, hate and division has instead incited truth, love and unity. I have seen posts stating that 'Ottawa was lost’ but, I strongly disagree. In my opinion OTTAWA WAS CONQUERED The response to "what world is this?” is that THIS IS OUR WORLD and I am ever so proud to be part of it and ever so willing to fight for it. No matter what happens with the 'Emergency Act' here in Canada, the world has united and I have no doubt that we will all stand for each other and be victorious against this global tyranny. Let us all keep going! Below are a few links showing what occurred in Ottawa over the weekend.

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