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SEPTEMBER 12-14 2021, ROME (IT)


After 18 months of an influx of confusing, constantly changing and conflicting data, medical professionals from all over the world will unite to set the record straight about their Covid-19 research. 

These respected and acclaimed medical professionals have treated Covid patients, first-hand, both at home and in the hospitals. By doing so, they have learned a great deal of crucial information about this virus that they will discuss and compare, hopefully untangling facts from fiction.

Finally, the stage they deserve will be given to them and the world will be watching.






On the first day of the summit, doctors will meet at the Rome Marriot Grand Hotel Flora where they'll discuss their respective stories and expose therapies  used and developed during the first 18 months of pandemic.

Science is Based on Sharing Knowledge, Data and Experience. 

When the narrative censors the data, there is no advancement in science. The medical discipline thrives on experimentation and research but, above all, the sharing of the results and an honest and unbiased discussion about the data acquired. It is thanks to this process that mankind can thrive. The censorship of scientific findings is detrimental to us all. It is time that we all show up and set the record straight.

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Two days of uncensored research findings and testimonials from medical professionals, Covid patients, legal  professionals and government representatives from around the World.



The Journalist's Creed states:

'I believe that suppression of the new is indefensible ; journalism is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power' and 'seeks to give every man a chance and, as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance'.

It is  time for the media to  give these professionals an equal  chance to discuss the challenges they faced, the research they have done and the outcomes of the protocols they have developed. It is up to the media  to put an end to the censorship and carry the truth around the world.



Medical professionals who have devoted the last year to finding a cure will be given an opportunity to discuss their important findings.

Legal professionals will discuss  the infringements on human and constitutional rights that were encountered during this pandemic and the legal battles that ensued from the imposed Covid restrictions.

Government representatives will discuss  the challenges surrounding this pandemic within their own respective  countries.



Both in-person attendance and worldwide streaming will allow everyone to witness  these  honest and open discussions about the challenges, protocols,  findings,  and results from all the research done since the onset of the pandemic.

Statistical Analysis and Scientific Facts

For over eighteen months, while the world was navigating through lock-downs, masks, closures and confusion, many medical professionals worldwide have been working diligently and have risked everything to find an effective and scientifically based solution to fight this virus. They faced scrutiny, censorship, disparagement and some have even lost their jobs. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by telling their truth. These brave professionals are motivated solely by their own consciousness and dedication to their oath of saving lives. Despite having to fight against crippling censorship they have worked diligently to research, test and record information. Worldwide, these doctors have worked tirelessly to save lives and collect data based on their experiences with Covid patients. But they have never been able to thoroughly discuss and completely divulge their findings to the world without being censored...UNTIL NOW.

After investing hundred of hours to find a scientifically based solution to this pandemic, the very least we can do is listen to what they have to say. We owe it to them and, more importantly, we owe it to our own health and well-being to listen to what eighteen months of real, medical research has revealed.

This two-day summit will allow medical professionals, worldwide, to merge and compare studies to assess the efficacy of the treatments that have been developed in hospitals , doctors offices and research labs throughout the world.

Never before have such analyses been compared globally for this virus. For the first time, collectively, doctors from around the world will compare hard facts and provide the evidence needed to show what treatments, if any, have proven effective for Covid.

And the world will have a front row seat.

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These Doctors Are Ready To Discuss Their Data.

Are You Ready to Listen?


The anticipation of this summit is palpable. The doctors have been eagerly waiting  for an opportunity to discuss their uncensored research and results to the world and the world has been anxiously waiting for  clear and honest answers. 

The exact outcome of this Summit is still unknown , but whatever it is, will be the result of hundreds of hours of research by experienced professionals who have witnessed, first hand, the tragedy and triumphs that this year has brought. They have all had personal contact with Covid 19 patients on a daily basis. These medical professionals will share their first-hand accounts of the symptoms, treatments, outcomes and the valuable research they obtained from each and every Covid 19 patient that they have treated.